The above YouTube playlist is a sampler of project created at Bronze by Micah "the27man" Barnes.


The Bronze is a recording studio established to offer professional recording services at reasonable rates.

Along with our other endeavours at Soleil, the Bronze is another of our efforts to foster a nurturing environment for the arts, particularly in the micropolitan area of Union City. Our mutual goal is to help artists network with one another, providing a location to come together and exposing the art to the world.

Education is also a key component of the Bronze mentality. The studio has been constructed and outfitted with teaching in mind.


Micah is native to the West Tennessee area. After obtaining his Bachelor’s of Music at UTM, he moved to middle Tennessee to spend the next decade playing music with various bands in various genres. When not performing, he would spend most of his time writing, which naturally led to the necessity of a means to record. After setting up a modest backroom studio to demo his songs, musician friends began stopping in to lay down tracks of their own. Soon, the occasional singer/songwriter session turned into the occasional band session, requiring the occasional expansion of the studio. This all lead to a working education for Micah.

For his first few years in Murfreesboro, Micah ran “Girls&Boys Studio”, which was primarily used for recording the bands of local friends. Eventually, he moved the studio to Antioch under the moniker “Colossal Head Studios” and began recording artists from a wider region.

In 2013, Micah returned to West Tennessee to play his part in the family business: Soleil Garden Center. In doing so, he relocated the studio to its current location where it is now a part of the Soleil Garden Center.

Wearing many different hats in many different undertakings, Micah has spent countless hours at the mic as well as the mixing board. From playing bass for 27bstroke6, drums for Uva Mala, trumpet for Money Pants, or piano for JaJaJa; to engineering for Angie’s Kid Album, Rebecca Jed, or the Obscure. Often, Micah has played numerous roles for the same project, such as exclusive orchestration, performance, engineering, and production of the soundtrack for a performance of “How To Eat Like A Child”; backing vocals and mixing for Le Stink’s “Morocco”; and complete writing, arranging, performance, engineering, production, artistic design, conducting, and stage choreography for “Musica Ostium Infernum: Liber Primus”.