The above YouTube playlist is a sampler of project created at Bronze by Micah "the27man" Barnes.


· Practice practice practice. This can never be overstated. The better you know your material, the better your experience at the microphone will be.

· Performing in the studio is different than performing live. For starters, you will be wearing headphones, meaning you might not notice subtle cues from other performers that you didn’t even realize you relied upon, or you might notice things you never heard before. And if you’re part of a group, you might be in separate rooms or playing at separate times. There’s only so much you can predict, so the best way to be prepared is practice practice practice. (See above.)

· Think inside the box. It’s easy to get roped into adding lots of extra tracks of instruments and sounds, or putting lots of crazy effects on the the voices, but more often than not, the result is a distraction from the actual song.

· Think outside the box. (Yes yes. The world is full of contradictions.) Without delving into the finer philosophical points, the purpose of recording is so that people can hear your songs (or speech or whatever) at their leisure, which means you might as well do what needs to be done to create the product you want, such as doubling a guitar to “beef up” the sound, or adding the sound of a babbling brook while you read a passage about the spring in the woods, or adding a folding-chair-falling-down-the-stairs sound simply to get a jarring juxtaposition from the lovely ukulele.

· Don’t forget to have fun. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, it is evident in what you do.