Some folks who have recorded with Micah...

Studio Space:

The Performance Room is 35x31 with a 120 sq/ft Iso Booth, providing ample space to accommodate large ensembles with spacious vocal or drummer isolation. Similarly, the Control Room is 300 sq/ ft, offering plenty of room for everyone to listen in on mixdowns.

The DAW specifications:

  • Interface Electronics 316 mixing desk. 24 channels x 16 matrix
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16 ADA converter
  • Steinberg Cubase 7

What all that means:
We are able to track up to 16 tracks simultaneously. Example: 8 mics on the drums, 2 mics on the guitar, 2 lines from the keyboard, 1 line from the bass, 2 mics on the vocals, 1 on the saxophone We can then overdub up to 16 tracks simultaneously. Example: While playing back the previously recorded tracks, we can add 16 more tracks at the same time, such as congas, tambourine, harmonies, penny whistles, and your cousin reciting poetry from lesser-known authors. Unlikely, but you never know.


The Mike Locker:

Cascade DR2 Equation F 20 Sennheiser MD 421-II
AKG 414C Shure SM7B CAD 2400
Rode K2 Heil Sound PR40 CAD 1200
Oktava MK-012-01 (pair) Sennheiser e609 CAD400S
AKG E609 AKG D112 MXL 900
....and a bunch of Shure SM57's
Outboard Gear    
MarkBass Studio Pre M-Audio Tampa ART Pro VLA
Empircal Laps Distressor Behringer t1952 dbx 166xl
Various House Equipment    
Category 5 Ivan guitar amp Korg SV-1 73  
Pearl Session Custom 5-piece microKorg  
  M-Audio KeyRig 49